As a self-proclaimed “behind the scenes girl,” who likes to write historical, paranormal, and realistic fiction, I’ve been advised by my author friends and writing instructors that I need to move out from behind the curtain to inform the readers of the globe about my work as an artist. So I am announcing that there’s going to be another historical novel on Amazon’s virtual shelves as well in the brick and mortar bookstores in western New York. Shadow by the Bridge is NFB Publishing fall of 2017.

All my life, I have been drawn to writing in some form or another. However, it wasn’t until just after my son was born in 2001 that I felt compelled by a deep force inside of me to start writing creatively. And not long after I started writing, I knew that it was the creative outlet that I had been searching for. It was the greatest feeling to find that “it” in your life. However, I learned at any given time, the fun of creative writing can transform into a dark hooded figure that tortures and frustrates me.

Around the same time, I started working on my craft, I stumbling upon the intriguing, almost 100-year-old story of the Linden murders that occurred about ten miles away from where I grew up. It was then that Shadow by the Bridge was born, but the birthing was long and hard. Out of lack of confidence and frustration with the process, I walked away from the story for a few years, but the desire to write the narrative drew me back so much so, that I entered into an M.A. English and Creative writing program to master the craft.

After completing the M.A. program, one aspect that I learned about myself as a writer was that I strive to be authentic. My research has to be accurate as possible down to the smallest detail—so thank God for Google! However, as a fiction writer, how do I define authentic? Most items are tangible such as a photo of one of the crime scenes. But what about the experiences of people that are not concrete, how do I make those experiences feel realistic for my reader. For example, my protagonist in my second novel teaches herself how to have astral travel (out-of-body experiences). So to show those experiences, I begin my research by going into paranormal forums and read, read, and read about people’s experiences. I have also read books on the techniques and what it feels like to astral travel and even tried it myself. Will everyone believe it?

…Maybe not, but could their experiences be credible if several people are describing similar details? I believe it’s possible, so I run with that knowledge.

Now, that I have reluctantly moved from behind the curtain to tell my story of how my writing began, I hope you enjoy my work.

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