In my overactive imagination, I often find myself asking the question: What if? Then, I take the question to the next level.  With a scene in my mind playing like a film, I stare at the blank page, and I begin to paint the scene with words.

The ideas for my short stories and novels mainly grow out of reading about historical events, the human condition, the paranormal, and the developments in science.  I envision a world and know there’s a character waiting to invite me in to tell me their story.

One of my first inspirations was V.C. Andrews. I read the Flowers in the Attic series in junior high. Cathy Dollanganger’s world was dark and disturbing, and I was deeply drawn into it. I couldn’t put the books down. After reading the series and a variety of other books throughout the years, my inner voice began to urge me to write. After two decades of feeling drawn to the craft, my internal voice became louder, and I finally listened.  When I finally started writing, I knew it was the creative outlet missing from my life.


Suzanne Zewan is coordinator at Genesee Valley Educational Partnership and is an adjunct professor at Buffalo State College. She has an M.A. in English and Creative Writing and an M.S.Ed. in Career and Technical Education. Other publications include a poem in Jigsaw  “Deep Blue” (2014), a short story “Another Shot”  and two poems ” Cantrip for Interstellar Exploration” and “Crystal Eyes” in Jigsaw (2016), and a short story “Adelaide” in Amaranth Review (2016). She grew up in Genesee County and lives with her husband and teenage son in Western New York.